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An Extra Shot of Espresso for the Brits

British customers at Starbucks are to be treated to an extra shot for free in their "tall" (aka small) lattes. Since 60% of customer in the UK always requested an extra shot in the up-till-now single shot drink, Starbucks rather generously is going to make the British "tall" latte a double shot standard without any additional charge. This amounts to an additional 200,000 shots of espresso per week, which obviously will cut into the profit margins. Starbucks has no plans to grant its customers in other countries a similar give-away.

Personally I always make my drinks with a double shot. It is after all meant to be a espresso drink with milk, not a drink of hot milk with coffee. What is your standard for making an espresso-based drink at home: are you a single or double-shot kind of person?

Starbucks gives away an extra shot in the British tall latte

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