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Babyccinos Controversy

How does serving a child a cup of milk foam or a small cup of decaf coffee with milk foam strike you?

Seems like some controversy has been whipped up in Brooklyn, NY with the addition of these offerings on or "off menu" to mom's visiting local coffee shops with toe-heads in tow.

Serving kids a cup of foamed milk known as a "Fluffy" with chocolate powder on top and a candy such as a marshmallow or chocolate fish on the side has long been an offering at Australian and New Zealand cafes. Not to mention playgrounds out the back. Perhaps it's just a difference in culture. Cafes in Australia and New Zealand are integral meeting places for young, old, and families alike, and offer real food with table service and wine to boot. So it's not just about coffee, but about social gathering.

I can't recall when we were allowed to drink coffee at home growing up in NZ. But I think it was pretty early. The day started and ended with coffee, with many in between. And look at how well I turned out! So how can it possibly be a bad thing?

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