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My Favorite Flat White

Flat White Coffee Experience

Flat White Coffee Experience

Flat white coffee
Flat White Coffee at Licorice Cafe New Zealand

I recently had the opportunity to indulge in the pleasure of drinking numerous flat whites during my trip to New Zealand. It was a trip of gastronomic delight and a bit of indulgence, resulting in a few extra pounds.

New Zealand's charm lies in its ability to offer exceptional coffee shops even in the smallest of towns. Unlike the United States, cafes in New Zealand, locally referred to as "cafes," not only provide an array of coffee but also offer a diverse food menu, and in some cases, even wine. These cafes are more akin to coffee-focused restaurants.

Among the flat whites I savored, the most exquisite and impeccably-crafted one was enjoyed at the Licorice Cafe in the quaint town of Motutere, located on the south-eastern shore of Lake Taupo in the heart of New Zealand's North Island. A lunch break stop en route, it left me not only content but also impressed by the culinary experience.

Noteworthy, the candy seen on the saucer is a "licorice allsort," a classic New Zealand confection comprising layers of black licorice and marzipan. It's a delightful tradition to accompany coffee with candy in New Zealand. Although historically chocolate fish was the candy of choice, other classics like "jaffas" (chocolate balls coated in orange candy) have since taken over. The presence of a licorice allsort resonates perfectly with the cafe's name.

If you're curious about experiencing a "flat white" or wish to recreate it at home, you can refer to my How to Make a Flat White guide.

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