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12 Days of Christmas Deals

Help is at Hand!

The number of shopping days until Christmas are getting to be less and less. Wow! It's actually less than 3 weeks till Christmas now.

Help is at hand! Take the hassle out of shopping and like me, shop online from the comfort of your couch in your pajamas! Here are my many ways to buy the best for yourself and the coffee-lover in your life, and save money too.

Unbiased Reviews of Espresso-Makers, Coffee Grinders, and Coffee Beans

Don't forget to check out my reviews. Everything I have reviewed I have bought with my own money and used in my home over many years, be it espresso makers or coffee beans. That means you can rely on my reviews to be unbiased and based on long periods of personal use, unlike many of the reviewers at Amazon who now receive the items they are reviewing for free from Amazon and its vendors. So start with my unbiased reviews of espresso-makers and coffee grinders and reviews of coffee beans suitable for espresso to get started.

Everything Coffee Store

Then for a great line-up of items from machines to books on coffee you can also visit my gift-buying guide for the coffee lover in your life...or yourself even! You will find everything categorized in easy-to-shop groupings.

Subscribe and Save!

Amazon always has a terrific line up of items for the coffee snob. I have bought all my coffee-making equipment from Amazon for many years now, not to mention my monthly order of coffee beans through the Amazon Subscribe and Save program. There's nothing like saving 15% on your beans (provided you order 5 or more items each month; less than 5 and your savings are 5%. I find it easy to fill my monthly Subscribe and Save order with other household items that I need on a regular basis from Amazon's grocery aisles so I always score the 15% discount every month. What's not to like?).

Amazon 12 Days of Christmas Deals

And last but not least, be sure to keep an eye open starting today for great deals for your coffee gift ideas with Amazon's 12 Days of Deals program. There are bound to be some great deals in there for coffee and espresso-makers and accessories. So check out the 12 Days of Deals hub every day for the next 12 days.

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