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Lavazza Super Crema Espresso Beans Crema Test

Lavazza Super Crema Espresso Beans

Readers of Espresso Coffee Snobs will know that my recommendation for coffee beans suitable for making espresso coffee with excellent crema is these Ethiopian Yirgacheffe beans (pack of 4 12oz bags) available from Amazon. Over the last couple of months I've had a couple of people outside of the U.S. contact requesting a recommendation that's available in Europe since these beans appear to be available only from the U.S.

Unfortunately I don't have any knowledge of the European market, but I have noticed that one of the most popular beans ordered from Amazon through my blog is . Since Lavazza is one of the most famous European brands for coffee and available in many countries around the world, I thought I'd place an order from Amazon and put them to the test to see how good they were at making a good espresso shot with crema. I ordered them through Subscribe and Save at Amazon for which I also received a coupon for the first purchase, so they were quite a good deal. On Subscribe and Save with a 15% discount they are currently $20.40 for one 2.2 pound (1kg) bag of beans. A very good price when most "pounds" of coffee beans in the U.S. are actually 12oz, not 16oz! Without the Subscribe and Save discount, the 2.2 lb package is $22.99 at the time or writing.

As you can see from the video below, the beans produced very good crema. The flavor of the espresso is best described as "bitter sweet". Personally I still prefer the flavor of the Ethiopian Yirgacheffe, but taste is a personal thing. So if you can't get the Yirgacheffe beans in your country, or are having trouble with producing crema, consider giving these Lavazza Super Crema espresso beans a shot.

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