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Espresso Coffee Bean Recommendation - Ethiopian Yirgacheffe

Coffee Masters Ethiopian Yirgacheffe Whole Beans for Espresso

For a long time now I have recommended Copper Moon Guatemalan Antigua Blend Medium Roast beans (that recommendation is dated March 2011), but I have recently found some beans that I personally prefer even more. I have always had a thing for Ethiopian Yirgacheffe coffee beans. It seems that these “single origin” beans can be hard to come by, and they tend to be a little more expensive, but they make a wonderful espresso base for my daily flat whites and lattes and the flavor is perfect for my taste; a touch of the bitterness that is characteristic of coffee, but not overpoweringly so.

I recently thought about checking Amazon to see if they might have any (in the past they didn’t) and was very pleased to find that they do and at a good price too! They are roasted by Coffee Masters Gourmet Coffee and come as whole beans in 12-ounce bags in packs of 4. I placed an order and really, really liked them. They are now all I am using at home and I have added them to my monthly “Subscribe and Save” order with Amazon which means I get 15% off the price since I have more than 5 items on Subscribe and Save each month.

These beans make rich crema without fail, and the pressure dial on my Breville (reviewed here) sits perfectly at 9 bars with these beans, something that can be hard to achieve if beans are over-roasted.

Anyhow, since I often get asked for bean recommendations for making espresso, this is one that I definitely recommend you try so don't hesitate to give them a try. And the price is right - they will cost you less than anything you buy at Starbucks or Peets etc! And they qualify for free shipping too. Check out .

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