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How to Make a Cappuccino

I like to think of Cappuccino as the Marge Simpson of espresso drinks, with foamy milk piled high on top of the espresso just like a beehive hair-do.

As with all espresso-based drinks, start by turning your espresso machine on and giving it plenty of time to warm up. Place your cup(s) on the warming area on top of the espresso machine, or heat them with hot water just prior to making your drink.

Because of the large volume of milk foam used in making a cappuccino, a large open cup is best.

Cappuccino is made by using mostly the very foamy milk formed when steaming the milk and which floats at the top of the milk in the pitcher (jug).

Immediately after steaming your milk, extract a double shot of espresso directly into your cup.

Start out by pouring milk into the cup from the pitcher until about one third of the space above the espresso has been used, then using a spoon, pull the foamy milk from the top of the pitcher into the cup. Finally, heap on top some of the very light and airy foam from the very top of the milk. Place enough of this fluffy foam on top that it comes up above the sides of the cup.

In many countries, a cappuccino is finished off with a sprnkle on top of either  ground cinnamon or chocolate powder. In New Zealand and Australia, a cappuccino is commonly served with a chocolate candy on the saucer, such as a "chocolate fish" which is traditional New Zealand treat of chocolate covered pink marshmallow. Perhaps as a "double-fix", you could accompany your cappuccino with Chocolate Espresso Bean Blend - White, Milk & Dark Chocolate. You can have all the white and milk chocolate ones provided you save the dark chocolate ones for me.

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