Starbucks to try harder in Europe

Here are a couple of interesting articles about Starbuck's struggles to succeed in Europe. Leading the effort to improve profitability in the EMEA region (Europe, Middle-East, and Asia) is Michelle Gass who lead the U.S. turnaround of the last few years, and who is known for championing the company's blockbuster Frappuccino drinks.

The Starbucks on the high-rent Boulevard des Capucines in Paris is a sumptuous hall adorned with velvet chairs, chandeliers and a gilt-leaf ceiling depicting cherubs aloft in a blue sky. While in the U.K., small (aka "tall") lattes now get two shots of espresso, not one as was the case before and the root cause of complaints of watery drinks by the Brits.

Only time will tell if Starbucks avoids the failure of Burger King in France, or mimics the success of the more adaptable McDonalds in the same country.

Read more: Starbucks tackles Europe, adapts espresso to market - The Vancouver Sun

In Europe, Starbucks Adjusts to a Cafe Culture - The New York Times

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